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A Field Guide to Easter Eggs at CMB

Searching for the perfect Easter basket contents? Every year, CMB carefully selects chocolates and candies that we think will make your Easter basket sing with sweetness! Here are some of our favorite Chocolate Easter Eggs of 2013…we like to think this list is Easter Bunny-approved!

A Hazelnut Truffle-Filled Egg From Germany

From Germany, we are bringing back the popular Gut Springenheide Chocolate Eggs ($4.50 each, 3 for $12, or buy on-line at our website 6 for $29) in bright solids, pastels, bold stripes, and retro polka dots. Since they were such a hit last year, we learned even more about the process to make a chocolate truffle encased in a real egg shell. The family behind Gut Springenheide makes many egg-based products like creme brulee and realized they could do something with the remaining shells: the eggs are emptied and the shells are sterilized (to meet FDA and USDA standards), then they are filled with a liquid blend of milk, dark and hazelnut chocolate to create a delicious truffle! After they are set, the shells are then decorated in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns that make them irresistible! We also learned the easiest way to get to the truffle inside: chill for 15 minutes, then crack open. These are truly entertaining and delicious chocolate eggs for children of all ages to enjoy on Easter morning.

Italian Pigeon and Quail Eggs

Last year, we also introduced La Dolciaria Bergamasca’s Pigeon and Quail Eggs (8oz, $8.50 and $7.50) from Italy to our store’s collection of hard-to-find chocolate Easter eggs.  This year, we will again be carrying the White Chocolate Coconut Covered Almonds (8oz, $7,95), and are adding a Dark Chocolate Hen’s Egg ($1.95), a Chocolate with Strawberry, Apricot, and Orange Covered Almond Assortment (8oz, $8.95), and Cioccomenta, chocolate mint drops, (8oz, $6.95) to our exclusive collection. One of the best features about the whole range of La Dolciaria Bergamasca, besides the wonderful continental flavors like hazelnut, is that everything is colored naturally: the eggs are not as vibrant a shade of pink or yellow as many of the American chocolates which are full of dyes and artificial chemicals, but these eggs are more subtle and the pastels just hint at springtime. They are a sophisticated, and healthier, alternative to more commonly available chocolate eggs.

Classic Colorful Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Eggs

A basket filled with foil-wrapped eggs is a classic for Easter morning, but you can give the Easter Bunny a run for his money with a gorgeous ballotin of Leonidas Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs (1 pound, $39.00). The eggs come in fourteen delicious varieties (all milk, white and dark chocolate-based) and are coded by color, so once you have a favorite flavor, you’ll be able to easily pick them out of the mix. While we carry Leonidas year-round, the chocolate eggs are only available for a limited time, so place your order before the chocolate egg-laying chicken flies the coop!

And If You Can’t Choose Just One…

With so many rare eggs available this Easter, you may find it hard to choose just one for the perfect Easter basket, and so we’ve created a very special, excuse the pun, Eggs-travagant European Easter gift ($129) filled Prestat, Gut Springenheide, Leonidas, and La Dolciaria Bergamasca. It earns its moniker with an abundance of chocolate eggs from Italy, Germany, Belgium, and England, and is a basket that will be received and remembered with all the joy of the Easter season!

Hope to see you soon at the store!