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The Shipping News vol. 1

The Shipping News is our way of letting you know what has recently arrived at Chelsea Market Baskets.  Our store mission clearly guides us to be looking globally for new product for the store and gift baskets, we are constantly receiving shipments- often of products made available stateside for the first time- and now you’ll be the first to learn of their arrival.  The Shipping News format is simply a list, so if you want more information about a product (and we hope you’re curious), please leave a comment!

Arrived April 4, 2012- consolidated in Manchester, England:

  1. Gourmet Candy Co.  “Chelsea Football Club” chocolate line and Mr. Stanley’s
  2. Fresh Island Bakery
  3. Kitchen Garden Preserves, Chutneys and Marmalade for spring
  4. Prestat Chocolate including the Queen’s Jubilee Box
  5. Shortbread House of Edinburgh
  6. Summerdown Mints
  7. Teoni’s  (which we reordered after a very positive response at the holidays and added new biscotti)
  8. Tregroes Toffee Waffles in Original, Plain or Dark and Milk from Wales
  9. William Santos – including the Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls 400g Tin
  10.  Comptoir Du Cacao – Our Second Order Fresh For Mother’s Day
  11. The Grown up Chocolate Co- we are the first (& currently only)  importer for the United States (and think GUCC is lovely to work with!)
  12. De Reze Biscuits (classic European cookie types) in decorative tins and Speculoos Spread (yes, it is like peanut butter, but made from spice cookies and totally nut free).

This container had one of the fastest crossings from Manchester to New York (or technically New Jersey), and has mostly been unpacked at the store.  It’s always fun to get new products, not least because we get to try them all and the store shelves get spruced up!