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8 Days of Easter!

Why not 8 days of Easter? It seems Easter gets bigger and bigger each year….

1st Day of Easter- Decorate!

Ready to bring color to your home after a dreary winter? Spring is here and its time decorate! We have some unique finds to turn your  home into a colorful kaleidoscope. Including natural fiber cute bunnies and chicks ($5.95-24.95). Artichoke Shaped candles ($5.00-$8.95)  that can make a fun center piece and egg candles in pastel(3pk-$5.95).

Need to bring some green to your home? Eggling an extra large egg, once cracked and watered a small garden will sprout ($10.95).

2nd Day of Easter- Think Chocolate Eggs!

We have created a collection of Easter eggs so delicious and beautiful that they are worth the years wait. Exclusive to CMB we have La Colociaria Bergamasca Eggs from Italy. The yellow, pink and white quail eggs are filled with praline chocolate. The pigeon eggs are filled with praline mixed with crisps. We also carry their tiramisu eggs, and white chocolate coconut covered almonds.

German Chocolate Easter Eggs, real egg shells that have been safely emptied of their contents, sterilized, filled with a fair-trade chocolate hazelnut center, then painted in a range of colors, from festive jewel tones to Easter-worthy pastels. They taste as good as they look! ($4.50 each or 6 for $25.99)

3rd Day of Easter-Menu

Each family has their own traditional Easter dinner, try adding some new flavors to your traditional recipes.

Deviled Eggs: Smoked Paprika from Spain will blow your deviled eggs out of this world($4.95)!

Roasted Lamb: Try The Bay Tree Mint Jelly from England on your roasted lamb ($5.95)

Baked Ham: Make an old-fashioned ham with brown sugar and mustard glaze, we have a large selection of mustard from France that would make your ham “spiral” out of control.  ($5.95-$20.00)

4th Day of Easter – Fun with the Kids

Take a break and bake a batch of cupcakes with the kids. Meri Meri came out with a line of cupcake holders and decorative picks that are Peter Rabbit themed. Make some delicious cup cakes and read the famous tale ($11.95).

5th day of Easter- Order Gifts for family and friends far from home

Have a family member or a special friend far away this holiday; we have a great selection of gift that will help them celebrate the Easter holiday. We also have a Kosher for Passover gift that is perfect for your special friends that are celebrating Passover Seder. chelseamarketbasket.com

6th Day of Easter – Building a Basket Guide

We have all the supplies needed to help you in building your own baskets: baskets, shred, ribbon, and cello wrap.

Quick Instructions to build a basket:

1. Decide on a basket. Be sure all the items can fit into the selected basket and also make sure the items do no look lost. The most common error people make is selecting too large of a basket. You don’t want the basket to look empty!

2. Put shred to fill the entire bottom of the basket. Be generous!

3. Arrange all the items inside the basket, with the larger items in the back and the smaller items in the front.  Using more shred to help prop up items.

4. Cut a large piece of cellophane, (add more than what you think will work. You don’t want it to be too short!) lay the cellophane out on a table, put the filled basket on top of the cellophane

5. Add the ribbon around the gathered portion of the cellophane.

6. Tie a bow and cut the ends on a slant.

But if you are to busy, we will help you create a custom gift basket for your special someone. Purchase of over $20 and we will pack your Easter Basket for FREE.

7th day of Easter – Hide the Eggs!

Hiding Easter eggs filled with chocolate, candy and even money, will give the young ones a fun activity to keep them entertained and active throughout the day.

8th Day of Easter- Easter Sunday

After the last 7 days, take a break and enjoy the children finding their Easter baskets and eggs and of course the spring inspired feast.