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Books for Cooks at CMB

March is a long month and while there’s the promise of spring in the air, the days and nights still feel like winter: no time like the present to do some cooking and baking! Chelsea Market Baskets has a growing library of cookbooks to inspire a great main or sweet treat in the kitchen, and plenty of products in our chocolate and specialty food departments to help you make the recipe that catches your fancy!

All throughout this month, the staff at CMB will be picking their favorite recipes from books in the store, shopping our shelves for the best spices, flours, lentils, and ingredients and then sharing in a blog post about the book and recipe they chose, the quality of the products they found at CMB, and any insider tips for re-creating the recipe in your own home.

We also have a very special raffle this month for our CMB blog and Facebook community: on the 23rd of March we will be giving away a copy of one of the cookbooks we carry in the store! Not to spoil the surprise, but it is a new release and will be a happy addition in any kitchen…so stay posted here and be sure to friend us on Facebook for further details.



Come visit us in the store or online at http://www.cmb-gifts.com/soon!