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Pucker up to HOTLIPS all natural sodas!!!

What’s sweeter than a pair of hotlips? The answer is HOTLIPS all natural sodas. HOTLIPS sodas are one of the newest drinks added to our fridge this summer; with a name like Hotlips you of course cannot walk by it without finding out what it is.

So, what is HOTLIPS…It’s a family owned business in Portland that makes sodas the old fashion way- with fruit.  These sodas are made by cooking down fresh fruit in open kettles, straining the seeds out and then adding cane sugar, organic lemon juice and carbonated water. Finally, the sodas are bottled in 80% recycled glass, which are also from Portland.

These sodas are definitely all about the fruit; unlike commercial sodas that contain “Natural” flavors, these sodas are thicker and contain pulp.  Yes, I said it, actual pulp! If you are wondering where the fruit comes from, check the ingredients on your bottles label. The blackberries in the soda, I just enjoyed were from Ayers Creek Farm in Gaston, OR. The sodas are sweet with an intense punch of fruit flavor.  No need to feel guilty about drinking- extra bonus, no caffeine.

We carry 4 flavors; Black Raspberry, Raspberry, Pear, and Blackberry
$2.95 each