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Warehouse Basket Store is Now Open

We are bursting at the seams and now have a bit of extra retail space this holiday season near our Chelsea Market store. Our Warehouse Basket Store is now open right on 15th street (on the north side) in the middle of the block, near the Tippler bar, better recognized as the OPEN sign. This store will only be open during the next couple of weeks and the hours will be flexible.

Warehouse Store on 15th Street

This space is in Chelsea Market but is only accessible from the street and provides us an opportunity to present our imported baskets in a straight forward way with discounts given for full nested sets, or the small, medium and large together.

we have gifts ready to go

We also offer some of our packed catalog gifts, ready to go – with a small discount for buying what we have on hand. In addition we will offer specially priced gifts ranging in price from $15 to $30.  Although we are not selling food products in this space, we will try and have a tasting treat if you stop in.

and we may have some coffee and treats for you as well

So, if you are in the neighborhood and need some last minute quality gifts, stop by our Warehouse Store in Chelsea Market.  The location of the store makes it easy to visit by car or jump into a cab after buying a few gifts – parking is another question, though. Happy Holidays!