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December in our Warehouse

Our warehouse is gearing for a very busy and short holiday season this year. Our mail-order business has to switch gears in a big way in December. Usually we ship about 50 gifts per day, during December we plan to ship over a 1000 gifts per day, for hopefully close to a two week period.  So, while we normally assemble and ship our gifts from our store in Chelsea Market, during December we do it from our warehouse.

In our warehouse we have been receiving shipments of imported goods for the last few months. We normally receive a container each month, but for the last few weeks we have getting a container about once per week. To unload a 40 foot container takes 3-4 people the good part of a day. We import many of the products that go into our gifts.

Our seasonal staff has been working long days to get all the gifts packed and ready to ship. Some of our holiday help have been with us for many holiday seasons, one in particular for over 15 years. Since many of our products are perishable, we cannot assemble our gifts too much in advance.

photos taken during the last couple of days at our warehouseunloading a container

moving boxes

packing gifts in the warehouse

 packing gifts in the warehouse

gifts ready to box and ship

This is a busy time, but a time that we like to have some fun and to get a good number of quality gifts shipping.

Here is Jessica trying on a decorative pick in her heir.

Jessica with a Decorative Pick in her hair