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Gifts inspired by the Farmers’ Market…

Farmers markets offer the freshest local goods to their community each week. You get to meet the farmers, fisherman, growers, producers and bakers who all share a passion for what they do. It is a place to discover new products and get inspiration for creating a fest of your own.

We at CMB are lucky enough to have a large number of famous farmers’ markets just a few minutes from our back door. Union Square Market, Brooklyn Smorgasburgh, Jackson Height Green Market are markets that we like to visit to be inspired and search for new products. Some of our most popular items in the store and in our gift baskets have been discovered at Farmers Markets.

Markets of New York featuring NYC farmer market finds including Roxbury Mountain Maple’s Peanut Brittle

Markets of New York featuring NYC farmer market finds including Roxbury Mountain Maple's Peanut Brittle

Markets of New York ($45) is a combinations of products we have found in our local farmer’s markets. It includes Martin’s Pretzels, Ruoni-Sue Beer & Pretzels and Roxbury Mountain Maple’s Peanut Brittle.

Roxbury Mountain Maple is a family operation in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. The old farm was inherited by Dave Holscher who then decided to put the 50 acres of sugar maples to good use creating the finest and purest maple syrup for the region starting in March of 2011. With over 7500 taps, a state of the art sugar-house, fresh inspiration and the Holscher family’s dedication to creating a great maple syrup and other maple products, this has become a favorite of ours and New Yorkers alike.

Fall Harvest Basket featuring New York State Red Jacket Apples

Fall Harvest Basket featuring New York State Red Jacket Apples

New York State is the second largest apple producer in the USA! We’ve showcased the finest apples from Red Jacket Apple Orchard in Geneva, NY in our Fall Harvest Basket ($69) ; which are fresh, crisp, and juicy. Red Jacket is a regular at the Union Square farmers market.

Red Jack Orchards is located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York state and has been planting apples since 1917. The orchard is managed by the second and third generation of the Nicholson family. They have mastered the art and science of producing the highest quality fruit and juice products.

Nuts About Chocolate featuring  Fastachi Fresh Roasted Nuts

Nuts About Chocolate featuring  Fastachi Fresh Roasted Nuts

Our simple gift Nuts about Chocolate ($35) combines a selection of hand roasted nuts and nut mixes with our own individually wrapped chocolate squares.

Fastachi Nuts are used in many of our gifts. Fastachi is based on Boston and run by Souren Fastachi and his wife Susan. They sell their freshly roasted nut mixes, dried fruit and peanut butters at farmers’ market around the Boston area. Souren perfected the craft of roasting the nuts the old fashioned way- by hand, in small batches, in steel roasting drums. We are very happy he did and grateful that we are able to get these wonderful tasting freshly roasted nuts from Massachusetts on a regular basis to include them in our gifts.