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Three Cocktail Mixers to Keep Summer Going

A Hipster, a Queen and a Farmer walk into a bar… no, not a joke but three cocktail mixers new to our store.

From different corners of the country – Portland, Long Island City, and Central Pennsylvania – come new cocktail mixers sure to satisfy your taste buds whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing lemonade on the beach or a spicy Bloody Mary at your next brunch.

Cocktail Crate/ Long Island City, Queens

To find a high quality pre-made cocktail mixer that combines the best ingredients, you don’t have to go far – just hop over to Long Island City. Cocktail Crate is a brand new start up by a NYC mixologist who uses whole, fresh, and organic ingredients which are then sweetened by local wildflower honey and organic cane sugar. Cocktail Create is available in Ginger Bee and Lavender Bloom ($16).

Ginger Bee Mule
-a twist on the classic Moscow Mule

  • 1.5oz Vodka
  • 3oz Cocktail Crate Ginger Bee
  • .75oz fresh lime juice

Fill a Collins glass with ice, add ingredients, top with sparkling water.
Optional: Garnish with mint.

ALTAR Herbal Martini/“Portlandia” in Hipster Oregon


Part art and part chemistry, this all-natural premium beverage company blends the world’s finest and most exotic fruits, vegetables, teas, spices, and unique herbal formulations to lead you on an extraordinary mood-enhancing journey. Combining Heirloom yellow tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, Spanish lemon thyme, and even ALTAR’s white Worcestershire sauce, creates the perfect balance of flavors that will Restore strength. Simply mix in a cocktail shaker with ice and add premium gin or vodka to liven up your spirits! ($21) ALTAR-Herbal-Martini

Tait Farm Fruit Shrubs- way in Country Pennsylvania

English tradition, comes to us from central Pennsylvania with this family friendly drink concentrate. This uniquely refreshing drink mixer, is a perfect example of quite how enticing a mixer can become when luscious fruit is mixed with vinegar and sugar. This was a norm before the days of refrigerators. The smooth combination of the ingredients makes it a perfect balance between sweet and tart. Tait Farm Fruit Shrubs ($9.95) flavors include ginger, raspberry, lime, and cranberry, and can be added to flavor lemonade, iced tea, sparkling water, champagne or make special cocktails. Fruit Shrubs can also be used to sweeten salsa or add a kick to savory dishes.

Tait Farm White Wine Spritzer

  • 1 oz. Fruit Shrub
  • 4 oz. White Wine
  • 4 oz. Sparkling Water

Mix well, add ice. Serve immediately.