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The Best Picnic Spots on the Westside of Manhattan

Al fresco dining options are not in short supply in New York- there are favorite parks in every borough (of course, Central Park and Prospect Park would make a picnic spot list), a mountain (otherwise called the Greenbelt Conservancy in Staten Island), and sidewalk tables on nearly every street. But Chelsea Market Baskets is uniquely positioned on the westside of Manhattan and from our store, there are three perfect picnic spots, the furthest away is not even 15 minutes, and they all offer wonderful views of New York City as a backdrop.

14th Street Park

Across from the Chelsea Market entrance on 10th Avenue, just south of the intersection of 10th Avenue and West 15th Street is a tree-lined oval park fittingly called 14th Street Park (14th Street provides its southern boundary). In the Spring, a picture revealed the park’s layout of a grassy center, a paved circumference, and a tall iron fence, but by early June, all of the trees have branched out and provide the park with shade and a sound barrier against busy 10th Avenue, and bright orange tables and chairs are arranged for maximum lunch hour enjoyment!

Pier 62

Pier 62 is one of New York’s prime waterfront destinations: it features a rolling grassy lawn, several clustered seating areas, and landscaped areas full of fresh flowers and greenery with picturesque views of the Hudson River and New Jersey (Hoboken particularly) across the water. Because a majority of the bike and pedestrian traffic in the Hudson River Park is between TriBeCa and Chelsea Piers, this entire pier is a hidden gem and for a recent lunch, there were very few people taking advantage of either the tables and chairs or the lawn. Pier 62 is the perfect park to bring some sporting equipment on your picnic- there is plenty of room for a game of catch after your meal!

The High Line- 10th Avenue Square

Running from West 12th Street to West 31st Street above 10th Avenue, the High Line (http://www.thehighline.org/) is a bustling tourist attraction with easy access from Chelsea Market, but because of it’s length, there is always a place to sit and enjoy a meal outdoors. Recognizing how perfect the space is for picnicking, the High Line has invited several food vendors to set up pop-up stands and stalls for the summer and has several sections that are full of tables and chairs that can be grouped according to the number of diners. Whether you purchase food there or bring your own basket, one of the best places to picnic is in the 10th Avenue Square above 16th Street. Stadium-style seating in front of a window offers a glimpse all the way north to midtown Manhattan and beyond.

Of course, we hope that wherever you choose to picnic this Summer on the west side, you’ll stop at Chelsea Market Baskets beforehand to pick up the makings of a perfect meal (and the best basket to carry it!).  See you soon at the store!