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Scary Treats & More at Chelsea Market Baskets

As the witching hour approaches we have everything you need for a really scary party, chocolate eyeballs, gummy snakes, funny masks, skulls, and much more. So turn off the lights, light up your pumpkin and prepare to be full of good treats and very afraid of the tricks coming your way!

A few of the seasonal items include:

The Madeleine Chocolate Company– A 60 year-old chocolate company that follows a special Swiss formula to create their quality chocolates, CMB carries caramel filled apples, peanut butter covered chocolate pumpkins, Deuets, Double filled chocolate Truffles, which are a unique blend of double filled truffles including, peanut butter & caramel, Milk Truffle & White Truffle, Raspberry & White Truffle and Halloween balls; dark, crisp and milk.   (Ranges between $2.00 to $6.00)

Meri Meri Cupcake Kits- The Meri Meri Halloween Cupcake Kit is a fresh and innovated cupcake decorating kit; including 24-cupcake liners in black and orange, and toppers are designed in Ghost, witch, vampire and skull.   They are cute and will make cupcake decorating fast and easy. ( $11.95)

Farmer’s Popcorn Cob- Craving a little something outside of the Halloween chocolate norm?  This is a fun wholesome straight from the farm treat.   Kids will love watching the corn pop fresh off the cob in the microwave.  ($3.75)

American Spoon Pumpkin Butter- Sweetened with maple sugar and spiced like pumpkin pie, this incredibly popular butter is great on English muffins or toast. American Spoon suggests that you warm the pumpkin butter and service it over ice cream.  ($7.50)