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Prestat Chocolate from England!

Never before has Prestat Fine Chocolate crossed the Atlantic to be sold in the United States; well, thanks to David (the owner) this chocolate has found its way.  Prestate an English company started in 1902 by Antonie Dufour whose family history is embedded in the French chocolate movement. These chocolates have been enjoyed by royalty, nobility and stars of the stage for over 100 years.

The company perceives chocolate as a form of art in which they are pushing the limits by creating unknown and unique combinations.  The chocolates are handmade and gift wrapped under the watchful eye of the chocolatiers.  Prestat takes pride in how the chocolate is presented, their goal is to have the packaging as beautiful as the chocolate inside. The packaging is bright and colorful, but it is no competition to the chocolate that waits inside.
We have some of their top sellers, including:

Champagne Dark Truffles: These are seriously a chocolate indulgence, sugar dusted dark chocolate truffles are filled with handmade ganache which includes dark chocolate, cream, butter and Marc de Champagne Liqueur.

Pink Champaign Truffles: Sugar-dusted Pink Chocolate filled with a ganache that combines dark chocolate and Marc de Champagne Liqueur. $19.95

Banoffee Truffles: White chocolate truffle filled with soft caramel infused with real banana, then drizzled with dark chocolate that is lightly flavored with dark chocolate. $19.95

Velvety Milk Chocolate Wafers English Earl Grey Tea:  Rich milk chocolate infused the floral notes of Earl Gray Tea. $19.95

Prestate Milk Chocolate Bar:  Velvety smooth contains 32% coco from Africa coco beans.  $2.95

We are so impressed with these chocolates; we have included them in some of our gift baskets for the 2010-2011 holiday season.  Basket will be available starting next month, check our website for updates.