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Katz and Company Olive Oil

In 2003 Ari Weinzweig said in Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating, “…in recent years a number of Californians have dedicated themselves to producing world-class olive oils. Keep your eye on them; my bet is that the efforts of these producers will pay off in the form of exceptional oils.”

Well he was right! Katz and Company is one of those companies that has truly pushed the envelop with developing United States Olive Oils.

Kim and Albert Katz do everything right when it comes to their Rock Hill Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They grow a combination of olives at the Rock Hill Ranch where the soil is a mix of sand, clay, and volcanic ash- something that the Tuscan region in Italy knows a lot about.  They hand pick the olives to prevent bruising and cracking, then finally quickly taking the newly picked olives and using a two-phase press method that does not involve any heat. In the world of olive oil heat reduces the quality and does not produce the best flavors.

In my opinion Katz Olive Oil has a distinctive grassy flavor with tones of tomatoes, a slight hint of asparagus, and ending with a peppery kick.

I would use this in homemade mayonnaise, salads, as dipping or finishing oil.

Katz and Company also produce great vinegars and honey, which we also carry.

Rock Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil : $24.00