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Rufus Teague Barbecue Sauce

Who is Rufus Teague?  I did a search and it is still a secret to me…. But one thing lots of people know about ol’ Rufus is that his barbecue sauce is one of the best.
Rufus Teague comes from Kansas City it is an authentic, old fashioned, honest to goodness sauce that is always made in small batches.  Once opened you will notice two things, the first being the aroma of the smoky flavor wafting into the room, and secondly the sauce is filled to the top of the jar (who does that these days!?!).  Each sauce highlights a certain flavor but all of them contain a little heat. Well except for the Blazin’ Hot- you know where I am going with that one…
Use these sauces for marinade, dipping sauce or grilled, you won’t be disappointed with the flavor that they pack. Flavors include Honey Sweet, Touch of Heat and Blazin’ Hot. We also carry Rufus’s meat rubs, try it the next time you grill.

Sauces $5.95
Rubs $4.95

“Good Sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder” ~Teague