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Martin’s Pretzels

If you think about pretzels for a minute you will probably think about one style and brand which is your favorite-I have finally found my favorite in Martin’s Pretzels!
Martin’s Pretzels are a hard twisted pretzel with just the right amount of salt.  The outside is crispy and brown and the inside also hard and a bit crumbly. After a few loud bites, your taste buds will find a toasty flavor emerge along with a slight back flavor of yeast.

Made in Lancaster County, PA using only four ingredients these pretzels get their impressive flavor from the care that is put into every one.  They are hand rolled and twisted, then boiled in water and soda, and finally placed in a 500 degree stone lined oven for 15 minutes.

Martin’s Pretzels have been a staple at Union Square Greenmarket for three decades where they sell broken and whole pieces three days a week.  Finally Martin’s Pretzels has found their way to our store in NYC and can be bought 7 days a week.
Broken Pieces $5.00 a pound
Bag of Pretzels $3.50