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Bequet Gourmet Caramels

Made in Montana Bequet Caramels are artisanally made by hand in small batches using all natural ingredients. The dark rich colors of the caramels come from the use of brown sugar instead of white.  When unwrapped you instantly smell the sweet buttery flavors you are about to taste.  The caramels are soft and easy to chew, while the complex flavors of the rich caramels unfold in your mouth.

Using the soft caramel recipe as a base, the Bequet Master Caramel chef adds different flavors. Celtic Sea Salt, our most popular flavor at CMB, the salt crystals are mixed with a vanilla butter caramel.  The saltiness and the sweetness of the caramel truly complement one another. Other flavors include chipotle, a butter caramel infused with a smokey chipotle flavor; chocolate, a butter caramel with dark chocolate overtones; and Espresso, a butter caramel with a robust espresso accent.