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Chocolates & More from the Fancy Food Show

The San Francisco Fancy Food Show (January 17-19) was filled with lots of new products and was well attended and there was plenty of optimism about specialty food. There seemed to be a good bit of Chocolate happening, particularly upscale and maybe more west-coast based. Dovetailing with high season in chocolate in February, we ordered the following, that should be in store in very early February.

TCHO Chocolate which is colorfully packaged and does mainly four “varietals” of chocolate, or a “fruity,” a “nutty,” a “Citrus” and a “Chocolatey.” Each variety comes from a different geographic location where the cocoa beans are roasted and the cocoa mass is shipped to San Francisco and turned into covertures and then in to bars and smaller tasting bars. Each place the beans come from contribute a different taste profile which is marketed with different color packaging.  We have a gift box assortment that has a Valentine’s graphic.  www.TCHO.com

Poco Dolce – Sea Salt Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles is a line that I have admired for at least a year, choose to hold off because it is pricey but I succumb at the fancy food show this year.  I do like this stuff, interesting combinations of dark chocolate with burnt caramel, or Aztec Chile to name few in simple handsome packaging.  New for them are the tins and bags of Toffee Squares with similar flavors also including a “Popcorn” flavor. Not heart shaped nor red but these products would make a perfect valentine for someone who like great chocolate! They are also based in San Francisco. www.Pocodolce.com

Idaho Candy Co – Makes Owyhee Butter Toffee and has been making since 1925 in downtown Boise! I think partly the stuff is so good that much of it stays in Idaho and they make quite a bit, next to none gets to Manhattan. In any case, this is American all butter nut toffee with and without chocolate and is priced to sell. The bite size box that I brought back lived up to what it says, we bet you can’t eat just one, with my taste testing with family and co-workers.    Idahospud.com

In addition to this we do have a good bit of Valentine’s Day happening and for those less romantic we feature snacks for Super Bowl which will include product from Katchkie Farm in New York State. Included are salsas, green and red, ketchup, pickles, pickled beets and tomato jam.  This product is an out-growth of Great Performances the New York caterer. www.Katchkiefarm.com