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Custom Baskets Gift Program

Over the past 15 years, Chelsea Market Baskets has developed a custom gift program that is like no other. Our team of custom basket specialists are always looking forward to a new challenge and the opportunity to put their creative knowledge and expertise to good use. This often has us exploring Chelsea Markets’ concourse in order to fulfill specific needs and requests. There is little that we can’t or won’t do; including filling a cooler up with Friday night memorabilia for Rosie O’Donnell or make sure the cast of a new play on Broadway gets a fruit basket filled with their favorite teas, fruit and chocolate treats on opening night.
Custom Gift Portfolio

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We primarily deal with two classifications of custom baskets:
The first is when a customer calls or walks into our store and they would like to create a custom gift(s). These baskets can be created using a catalog gift as a starting point and adding/subtracting to it or we can completely start from scratch. Sometimes people have a clear idea of what they want in their basket while others will leave it to our discretion.

Secondly, we create what we call marketing gifts. This is when a company has a particular product or theme they would like to endorse. We help them promote their product with a special and unique presentation. This can include: creating a basket full of Food Network products to be sent to a charity for a donation, introducing the newest Maybelline product to magazine editors, promoting a new brand of alcohol or sending Hollywood themed bags on behalf of Victoria Secrets to welcome their guests to California.

Nicole the manager of the basket business and who is our resident handy-girl, likes to approach a custom basket similar to the process of building a home in 6 easy step.

Step 1: Budget- Understand the customer’s budget for the basket. This could range from $75- $5000.

Step 2: Get a plan- a sense of the occasion, a celebration, thank you gift, birthday, promotion, wedding or a welcome gift.

Step 3: It’s time to design- selecting stuffers. We take pride in bringing you some of the most delicious and unique gourmet food products from around the world and around the block.

Step 4: Pour the foundation- selecting a basket/box is just as important as the selecting the products within the basket. This is the first thing the recipient will see when the basket arrives. It is important to not choose too large a basket or it may look empty, or too small of a basket that will seem cluttered. All of the baskets/boxes we use are sturdy, unique, and can be used endlessly over the years.

Step 5: Construct the framing- how will the basket be assembled? Will it be packed open so all the items are visible? Or will it be packed closed so endure safety when shipping?

Step 6: Final walk through- there are a number of options to personalize the basket: ribbon colors, decorative pick, and/or adding a gift message.

Stop by or call and we’ll see what we can create together!