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What to get Dad this Father’s Day?

June has arrived, and since I live far from home, I try to start thinking about potential Father’s Day gifts early, but it almost inevitably happens that I send something the week of. With a few days left, I can easily pick something out and send it to arrive before the 17th. It isn’t a traditional holiday for a gift basket, but after working at Chelsea Market Baskets for just over a year, I have come to rely on being able to pack a great custom gift in the store with all the different products that I’ve hand-selected, and having the option to ship it from the store is incredibly convenient.

I have never gotten better reviews then when I send a basket brimming with goodies, so I wanted to share my picks for my Dad’s basket this year with you, and encourage you to come on in to Chelsea Market Baskets to pick-out something wonderful for your dad! Also, I want to add a disclaimer to this basket: when our new gift developers are creating a basket for our website, it generally has a theme or flavor profile to unite the different products inside: since this basket is for my dad, I’m sending things that I think he’ll love for lots of different reasons, and I’m calling it the “Mo Hotta, Mo Betta” basket because most of the items are heat-related!

Melinda’s XXXtra Hot Sauce ($2.95): I am my father’s child in that I can never have enough peppery heat in a dish. I love Melinda’s because it isn’t over-vinegary the way Tabasco can be, and it is made with red Habanero chiles, fresh carrots, onions, garlic, and lime juice, so it adds flavor as well as fire! I would be remiss to not include Melinda’s in this gift- I sent home a whole case at the holidays (that’s 12 bottles) and it’s over half-way finished!


Texas Ranger Barbecue Sauce ($6.95): My dad spends a lot of time in the summer at the grill, and his “secret” recipe for a barbecue glaze is to go through the refrigerator finding sauces to whip up his own combination. And yes, it changes every time, although the base elements stay the same. To up his grilling game, I’m including a bottle of Texas Ranger BBQ sauce which will make a great rib or chicken marinade on its own (and doesn’t require using all the condiments in the fridge).

Yuzu Pao Red ($5.95): This bottle is a great container for the home chef. You can drizzle heat-tinged citrus sauce over your food in a controlled way (instead of my dad’s sometimes more-than-finishing dollop), making you look like a pro! Yuzu is a great tart citrus flavor for summer with notes of Asian cuisine and the Yuzu Pao is Siracha-esque, but even fresher!

Santa Fe Ole New Mexico Green Chilies($7.95): My parents have a love of all things New Mexico- my mom is actually in the “Land of Enchantment” now and is bringing back an authentic riestra for Father’s Day. Hatch, New Mexico is THE place to get green chilies and this jar doesn’t last long! My dad adds the roasted chilies to scrambled eggs, cornbread, and “Girl Scout Stew,” (Girl Scout Stew recipe) our family camping staple.

Tyrell’s Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar ($4.50): I can tell you that my dad has never been a snacker, except when we go out on the boat and picnic on Lake Minnetonka. But, when he is buying supplies for the boat, he doesn’t do just potato chips, he gets tangy salt and vinegar chips- I’m going to save him a trip to the grocery store with this bag of Tyrell’s (and that may be the best present I can give!).


Blenheim’s Ginger Beer ($2.75): Once, when I was younger, my parents were hosting a party and dad asked me to get a beer for one of our guests. I knew beer was supposed to be cold, so I tried to be a great hostess and poured the beer over ice, and my dad and our family friend were tickled by this mistake! This summer, whether hosting or just enjoying the day, my dad can pour a bottle of Ginger Beer from Blenheims – I’m sending both the Spicy and Original versions- over ice, and it will be completely refreshing in the summer heat!

Packed in your choice of basket, this gift is going to make a splash on Father’s Day- I wish I could be there to deliver it in person, but have peace of mind from shipping through CMB because I know it will get there on-time and in perfect condition.

What are you getting your dad this year? I’d love to know; please leave a comment below!
And if you don’t have time to stop by the store, pick out a basket from our Father’s Day Page online.

PS. Dad, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry to spoil the surprise, but I hope you love your Father’s Day gift! EME
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