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On My Way to International Confection Market (ISM) in Cologne

Things are very busy at Chelsea Market Baskets now… I am traveling to ISM or the International Confection Market in Cologne, Germany to see and visit with people we do business with and see if there are new “sweets” which is very broadly inclusive, that we can import to CMB and expand our assortment of inspired foods.  I find this show to be one of the best ones in that it is a worldwide show of anything related to sugar and food and beyond, so it has very good implications for our business.

In addition I hope to be in Paris for a few days, where I have not been in many, many years, experiencing one of the better “food towns” of the world.  I look forward to reporting back on my travels.  Also we have a shipment coming in on Monday which includes Prestat Chocolate from London, England, that we will be selling at Henri Bendels on 5th Ave, starting on Tuesday.

We also have an exciting chocolate line that we discovered at the Chocolate Show called Comptoir du Cacao (www.comptoircacao.fr) from outside Paris coming in… more to come and to taste.