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Bianco Sardo Cheese from Basilicata, Italy

Bianco Sardo is new to our cheese department. A hard unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese, which is matured in baskets made out of Apulian Reed. The reeds come from grape vines from the Apulian region. The baskets help squeeze out the moister of the cheese, while it also gives the cheese a unique looking rind, while influencing the complexity of flavors. The cheese’s look is a light straw color with a slightly yellowish rind.

Once the wheel is cut, a sharp smell will emanate. The texture of the cheese is dense which sometimes crumbles in your hand. Within seconds on your tough the texture changes into a cream. The taste is earthy, and sweet with a slight nutty flavor. Try melting it in a panini or over some pasta and you will be pleased with the sweet caramel flavors that will be released.

If you want a taste, stop by and ask. We are always happy to sample any of our cheeses.