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Our 10 year face lift.

During the last week of September our store in Chelsea Market was closed for 1 week while we quickly worked to give it a fresh look – see the photos below. These were the most dramatic changes we have made to our store since opening in 1997 – everybody should be entitled to a face lift every 10 years or so!

Among the exciting changes we made was adding a beautiful raised wood floor that allows our customers to walk right off the concourse into the store.  In addition we removed all the glass from the front of the store, which added another entrance to make it more inviting to browse.  The front half of the store is all about chocolate and speciality foods.

We moved the Leonidas Chocolate display and cheese case upfront for easy access.   In the back of the store we have a dedicated area for basket production and pickup. Don’t worry we might look different but we still carry the same product and at the same great prices. Come see what we have done.