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Harissa Paste

As the Food Network announced last night that Melissa d’Arabian was the winner of the Next Food Network show the audience, I was with had mixed feelings.  However, the one thing that was not mixed was the new found interest in Harissa Paste, due to the sandwich Jeffery Saad made on his pilot.  Well, my friends were lucky- because not only did I know what it was, I knew where you could get buy it!

cmb_2066_7600626At Chelsea Market Baskets we carry Harissa Paste from Bart Delicatessen-  This popular condiment from Northern Africa is very spicy with many layers of subtle flavors, which includes coriander, caraway, and garlic. The heat comes from Piri Piri pepper, which Bart’s directly harvests.  This flavor combination is spectacular on sandwiches, blended into olive oil for bread dip, added on top of grilled meats and fish or used in a marinade.

Harissa Paste is available online or in our store at 75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011