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Gifts for Teacher Appreciation

This week is teacher appreciation week – May 3rd to 9th. Of course, everybody needs and likes appreciation but speaking as a parent now, teachers do something very special for our children and our future – so, doing something nice for a teacher is really good for everyone.

Our stored is filled with treats that could show your appreciation and here are a few items that come to mind:

  • teas-of-the-worldTeas of the World Box Set $12.00 – Large gift box has a selection of 9 different kinds of tea that represent the world’s flavor of tea.
  • Nature’s Essence Candles $6.50- these candles are scented with essential oils, which compliment a healthy and contemporary lifestyle.
  • basket with Castelbell Soap and Ahmad TeaCastelbel Soaps $5.95 – following a 300 year old tradition, Castelbell produces the finest triple milled soaps around. They select the finest ingredients to make these soaps gently cleansing and moisturizing.  Shown in a gift basket with Ahmad Tea.
  • summerdownSummerdown Peppermint Creams $9.50 – mint cream and covered in dark chocolate, these mint creams have a lingering, cool and aromatic flavor. Made from mint grown in the English countryside.
  • L’Epicurien French Jams 5.95 – traditional French Jam.