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Easter Candy Store

Easter at CMB Store

Come into the market and visit our Easter Bazaar. An emporium for sugar addicts – you see children’s eyes widen as they enter.

Floppy eared bunnies, larger than life lollipops, foiled Easter eggs, chocolate carrots, Asher’s old fashioned eggs, Madelaine’s solid chocolate rabbits and entire families of  fluffy chicks and rascally colored rabbits  have taken over our  store! Be prepared for alot of ” Can I .. ?” and “Pleeeeeese  mommy??”

Young boys favorites like Pez dispenser kits and prehistoric eggs are still in stock today, but wont last long.

For the “More discerning palate but still a kid at heart”, we have a range of carefully crafted Easter products. Leonidas chocolates, Knipchildts nougatine filled quail eggs, Fran’s caramels, Summerdown chocolate mint thins, Lake Champlain treats and Italian Pigeon eggs to name a few.

If you are looking for Easter decorations – look no more. We have a multitude of Easter baskets, nests, decorative eggs, hanging egg lanterns, chocolate place tags, shred and ribbon – in every imaginable color.

We hope you enjoy the store as much as we enjoyed taste testing the products!

Chelsea Market Baskets including our “Easter Candy Store” opens daily starting April 1: 9.30am to 8pm,  and Sunday 10:00 to 7:00 pm

Easter at Chelsea Market Baskets