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David’s Travels in Search of Inspired Specialty Foods in the British Isles!

I am looking forward to spending about 10 days in England and Scotland starting on Thursday, looking for more exciting and tastful products to bring to our corner of Chelsea New York and to our on line customer. My travels include visiting Tyrrells farm with the Peters Imports folks and than traveling to London for a show that is called IFE or the International Food and Drink Exposition (ife.co.uk) which takes place every 2 years.

In my new capacity, helping steer Peters Imports with what is brought back from England and at the same time finding new and wonderful stuff for Chelsea Market Baskets,  I am keen to find product that we can sell that has never been the USA before and with the exchange rate  now working in our favor, providing good value as well to our customers. After the show in London, I will be visiting Scotland for about 5 days, which should be good to dig in a little and see what is new and not discovered yet there.  These trips are good because I can find myself in many shops check out how they look as well as what they are selling and trying to capture the spirit of an older work food shop.   If there is anything that you especially interested in please email me and I will be looking.