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Villa Cappelli’s Sun Dried Tomatoes

Villacappelli Sundried Tomatoes

One of my favorite things in Chelsea Market Baskets is Villa Cappelli’s Sun Dried Tomatoes.

These tomatoes take me way back. Growing up my family members would gather every Sunday at my Grandma Luciano’s house, and when you walked into her kitchen there was always the biggest pot of tomatoe sauce cooking on the stove. The whole house would be filled with the most wonderful aroma of those fresh tomatoes cooking all day!! Well, that’s what these marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes remind me of! Villa Cappelli uses nothing but natural ingredients that are grown on the shoulders of the ancient Via Appia, Italy. The ingredients in the Sun-Dried Tomatoes are simply sun dried tomatoes, evoo, vinegar, garlic,fresh mint and salt. You can serve these delicious Sun Dried Tomatoes as an appetizer with a slice of crispy bread. Get a bottle of wine and it’s a party!!! Stop by the store anytime and ask for a sample. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

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